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The WRTU54G-TM is a Wi-Fi capable residential gateway from Linksys. As provided from the factory, it allows calls to be made via T-Mobile's GSM network or via Wi-Fi Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA). With ttylinux running on it, it does very little.

The current ttylinux release is 16.1 for the mipsel WRTU54G-TM platform. The updated ChangeLog file is available:

A wiki page covering the MIPS architecture is here.

The mipsel WRTU54G-TM ttylinux variant has a 5 MB RAM disk root file system and needs at least 24 MB of RAM to run; it fits within the WRTU54G-TM hardware which has 64 MB of RAM.

Source Code Component Links
This is a list of all the WRTU54G-TM ttylinux source code components and links to their source distributions.
» bash-4.2
» busybox-1.21.0
» dropbear-2013.58
» e2fsprogs-1.42.7
» linux-
» ncurses-5.7
» retawq-0.2.6c
» u-boot-2010.12
» uClibc-0.9.32

Binary Distribution and Source ISO
NOTE The source ISO has only the source packages available at the above links; it has no build or configuration scripts and is not used by ttylinux

Filename MB md5sum
ttylinux-wrtu54g_tm-16.1.tar.bz2 11 a67b6befbb964ed9eae28bc76f6c9516
ttylinux-wrtu54g_tm-16.1-src.iso.gz 97 e4920356806d8f12a73ecc42a1e0b3af


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