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The current ttylinux release is 16.3 for the PC i486 platform. The CD-ROM ISO image is available here. The updated ChangeLog file is available:

The User Guide applies to PC architecture versions of ttylinux.

This ttylinux variant has an 8 MB RAM disk root file system and needs at least 28 MB of RAM to run.

Source Code Component Links
This is a list of all the PC i486 ttylinux source code components and links to their source distributions.
» bash-4.2
» busybox-1.22.1
» dropbear-2014.63
» e2fsprogs-1.42.9
» glibc-2.9
» gpm-1.20.7
» iptables-1.4.18
» lilo-24.0
» linux-
» ncurses-5.9
» ppp-2.4.5
» retawq-0.2.6c
» syslinux-6.01

Binary Distribution and Source ISO

The CD-ROM ISO image file is the ttylinux release format; it is directly bootable after burning it onto a suitable blank disc. The kernel has support for most PCI IDE, SATA (Serial ATA) controllers and most available PCI network cards. The ISO image has all the available ttylinux documentation, kernel symbols and symbol map file, and the individual ttylinux binary packages.

NOTE The source ISO only has the same source packages available at the above links. It is NOT used by ttylinux, has no build or configuration scripts, and you need it only if you are building ttylinux and you cannot find a package at one of the above links. This is here for GPL compliance.

Filename MB md5sum
ttylinux-pc_i486-16.3.iso.gz 19 d8645d2698edd46c3a9f710eb9c05be2
ttylinux-pc_i486-16.3-src.iso.gz 94 2273e3333cf2106fa15ac958977ab44f


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