ttylinux supporters and credits

Special Mention

First, the families of the maintainers should be appreciated for letting us maintainers come out and play. Somewhere in between here are the hosting service providers and minimalinux guys. Second are the users who give back reports of problems and successes. Thank you.

Supporters and Users

Solar Systems LLC
A company in the Phoenix AZ area that donated a Macintosh iBook G4, which has enabled proper ttylinux support for that platform.

StratusLab (link)
This European grid infrastructure uses, among several Linux distributions, ttylinux as a virtual appliance, which the ttylinux project tries to actively support.


Pascal Schmidt
started the project and maintained the distribution from 2001 to November 2008.

Douglas Jerome
has maintained the distribution since November 2008.


William W. (Bill) Layer
fixed the Flash_Disk_Howto.txt file.
Jeff Pohlmeyer
reported many errors and suggestions with the new version 8 build tools.
Tin B. Matuka
provided a lilo theme.
Phillip T. George
reported missing shadow support for passwd in the 5.1 release.
Ronald Weist
notified me about problems with the dhcpcd shutown procedure.
Paul G. Rogers
inquired about e3pi pico emulation of the e3 editor.
Tim Freeman
reported a bug in the mkttyiso script used for generating ISO images.
John Wittkoski
suggested improvements to binary package building.
Andy Alt
notified me about a missing /bin/badblocks program.
Nile Geisinger
provided a sample implementation of a modular build system.
Arne Thomaßen
suggested to include the retawq text mode browser in the distribution.
Maurice Kinal
provided some useful insight about dhcpcd and hosts the distribution homepage.
Joni Jarvenkyla
reported that the ISO version was using an incorrect keyboard and timezone setup, which was fixed in time for the 3.0 release.
Oliver Friedrich
initiated an attempt to make the distribution run better on devfs-enabled kernels.
Bonny Gijzen
requested not to rewrite the PPP configuration files at every bootup.
KIVILCIM Hindistan
suggested providing a fully bootable version of ttylinux. The first ISO was released for version 2.6 of the distribution.
Harry Otten
provided improvements to the firewalling script in time for the 2.0 release.
Kevin J. Walchko
initiated a rewrite of the initscript system in time for the 1.18 release.
Matt Bucknall
suggested a couple of documentation improvements about the kernel requirements of the distribution.
Douglas Bollinger
found a few bugs and created a spin-off distribution called TTY-Opener.
Adrian Davey
provided tips about making the distribution even smaller.


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