ttylinux build system

ttylinux Build System

The legacy ttylinux build system is at end-of-life. A new build system is being developed. The new build system is called crosslinux; it currently can make the small ttylinux-i486 distribution and the bigger ttylinux-beagle_bone distribution.

ttylinux distributions currently built with crosslinux:
PC i486

crosslinux build system links:
» latest release
» github repository

Legacy Build System at End-Of-Life:

The ttylinux build system distribution is the comprehensive build system. It has the complete build process with all configuration and build scripts.

Be aware that the ttylinux build process begins with building of at least one cross-compiler; this will download the necessary Linux, Binutils, Glibc and GCC source packages. The source packages are downloaded by scripts within this build system distribution with a "make dload" command.

ttylinux build system links:
» latest release
» github repository


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ttylinux distributions

Macintosh G4
PC i486
PC i686
PC x86_64
Virtio i486
Virtio i686
Virtio x86_64